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Abercrombie Fitch Perfumes

Abercrombie Fitch perfumes offers fantastic fragrances for women. This brands popular ladies perfumes include Ezra, Wakely, 41 and 8.

These fragrances have received a lot of attention in the market over the years.  When choosing a fragrance, you want to know the variety available in order to get the one that fits your personality and expectations.

The 41 is a women’s fragrance. It came into the market in 2007 and it has become a favorite of many. It is flowery and leaves the user with a fresh scent that stands out.

It is appropriate for everyday use and mostly worn to casual events. Spring would be the best time to use this Abercrombie Fitch perfume.

The 8 fragrance is not only flowery but also fruity perfume for women.

It is further classified into top, base and bottom notes based on the scents. The high notes contain Mandarin orange, which is a common ingredient in fragrances that give a citric fruit like tinge, grape fruits and Clementine. When it comes to the center notes, they have the lilies, melon and even violet. The bottom notes are amber, musk and vanilla.

This fragrance is another Abercrombie Fitch perfume brand classic. It can be used for everyday events or even for the special occasions.

Their perfume, Ezra, has top notes of black currant and green apple. Jasmine is one of the center notes and at the lower level is Kashmir wood and musk. 

The Wakely fragrance hit the stand in 2009.  It has a bit of citrus and jasmine and smells fresh.

Abercrombie Spirit perfume is another delightful fragrance from the company that you might like. It is recommended for daytime or casual use.

Of course, the only way to get the genuine brands of perfumes is to buy from reputable licensed dealers. You can buy Abercrombie Fitch perfumes on Amazon and often get some good prices there.