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Angel Perfume - Classic Perfume For Women

To many women, Angel perfume is absolutely heavenly and divine. This delightful fragrance was created by the Thierry Mugler design house way back in 1992 and is now considered one of the classic ladies perfumes. Angel Perfume on Amazon

Angel perfume has a sensual oriental and also woody scent and of course, is very feminine.

With vanilla sandalwood blended with patchouli and a few fruity notes that contained melons, peaches, plums and fresh citrus this scent is certainly amongst the better perfumes found on the market today.

In fact, Angel perfume is the best as far as patchouli and sandalwood based perfumes are concerned.

Anyone that gets a whiff of its scent will be sure to pay compliments and most will enquire what this romantic fragrance is called. Although, not every fragrance suits everyone. Still, Angel perfume is certainly well worth trying out.

This beautiful perfumes designer, Thierry Mugler, would like to see women who are not only perfectly clad, but who also smell perfect.  This is certainly a wonderful perfume that meets these ends.

If you are into designer perfume brands and are looking for something a bit unique, then Angel perfume is a good choice. It is also high up on the list of best selling, top perfumes for women.

If you collect perfume bottles, you will be delighted by the pretty star shaped bottle that this perfume comes in.  You can find fantastic deals for Angel perfume on Amazon.

If you have any lingering doubts about buying Angel perfume they will easily be dispelled when you learn that it was this perfume that toppled Chanel No. 5 from the top position in France way back in 1998.  According to consumers, you will surely love it.