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Britney Spears Perfume 

The popularity of this pop star comes and goes, but Britney Spears perfume is still a hit with fans.

Actually, she currently has more than one different fragrances; Curious, Fantasy, In Control, Radiance, Circus Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, and Believe are all perfumes by Britney Spears

Radiance Perfume by Britney SpearsYou should be able to easily find Britney Spears perfumes in department stores and online.

Often, the best deals are on the web, however you can’t sample the perfume before you buy it online. What if you don’t like the smell? That being the case, you want to make sure the store has return policies.

Britney Spears perfumes are made my Elizabeth Arden with complete cooperation of the star. In other words, Britney knows they are being sold in her name and is probably getting a big slice of the perfume pie.

Britney is just one of several celebrities creating perfume lines. The first and probably the most loved star with her name on a perfume is Elizabeth Taylor with White Diamonds.  

Others soon followed, including
perfumes by Paris Hilton.

Curious is the oldest of the Britney Spears perfume, a characteristic perfume for the non-typical female. It is packaged in a classic blue or pink perfume bottle in sort of squashed diamond shape. It is considered a youthful, fun, and flowery fragrance.

Fantasy Britney Spears PerfumeFantasy perfume has an incredible marketing campaign. Going to the official website, there is gorgeous computer animation with lush, sensual colors and sparkles. Perhaps making perfume look like Love Potion No.9 was someone’s Fantasy at Elizabeth Arden perfumes.

In Control perfume supposedly reflects Britney Spears image as temptress and siren.  Its base is white vanilla, but then includes a blend of creme brule, loquat fruit, midnight orchid, sugared sandalwood and musk.

Whether you like the pop star or not, give Britney Spears perfumes a whiff and see what you think.