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Elizabeth Arden Perfume For Women

There has to be is something special about the Elizabeth Arden perfume line. What could be a better endorsement than celebrities lining up to have the company design their own signature perfumes for them?

That's what has been happening with Elizabeth Arden. When any celebrity, from Mariah Carey to Britney Spears, wants to have a signature perfume line designed for them, that is where they go. 

Just when you thought that it's been a while since any diva went knocking on Elizabeth Arden's red door, along comes Taylor Swift rumoured to be planning on releasing her own line of perfumes with Elizabeth Arden working behind the scenes.

In a Taylor Swift interview that appeared in People magazine around the time of her Speak Now release, she just said she loved the way fragrances reminded people powerfully of times long past.

If you are not familiar with perfumes by this company, let’s take a look at two Elizabeth Arden perfumes that are already great hits.

One perfume is Mediterranean, a delightful floral woody scent. The other is the appropriately named, Elizabeth Arden Pretty, a kind of flowery orangey fragrance.

Mediterranean perfume is a mysteriously named perfume that makes you delightfully think about the French Riviera on the Mediterranean coast. Somehow, the Mediterranean scent makes you think of something flighty, musky, something creamy.

It is not a scent that is meant to stay on for long, but for as long as it stays, it does make you treasure it. It comes in a beautiful dark blue bottle that hints at delightful pleasures ahead. It would make a great fragrance to wear on a romantic evening out.

There's a fruitiness to it that reminds you powerfully of a tropical or rather Mediterranean climate. The flowers used, the sandalwood and musk lend a sense of abandon to any date.

Pretty by Elizabeth Arden Perfume - Hot Deal on AmazonThen there is Pretty by Elizabeth Arden. This one is all class in a fragrance that's mature and feminine. For a woman in her 40s, this is a fragrance that would really go well with understated romance and seriousness.

Not that the fragrance wouldn't do on a younger woman. The kind of floral openness that the scent evokes could go on anyone. It's just that there is something really understated about Pretty.

As the company's press release says, the scent of orange blossom, musk, mandarin and assorted flowers like jasmine give to the scent a degree of layered depth that would really go well on any woman who wishes to say that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Other than the celebrity famous perfumes by this venerable company, you might find a personal favorite with one of these two beautiful fragrances from the Elizabeth Arden perfume line.