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Different Fragrances For Women For Each and Every Occassion

Every perfume counter has new fragrances for women to try. I think perfume is one of the most underrated beauty products at a woman's disposal.

Most women will have the one perfume, or perhaps two, that they use regularly. I know that some of my friends have worn the same brand of perfume for years and years. 

But I love to switch things up every once in a while. That is why
I'm always eager to test out new fragrances for women whenever I go to the department stores or boutiques.

To me, different perfumes are meant for different occassions. For instance, if I'm going to an outdoor party in the summer, then I want to wear a floral fragrance that's very light and breezy.

If I'm going on a formal date, I would most likely choose something musky like one of the Dolce & Gabbana fragrances for women.

By contrast, a casual weekend with friends at the beach calls for something clean and sporty.

And of course I need a signature scent that I can wear to all of my most important events. So at the very least, I need to
have four of the best perfume for women in my bathroom at all times.

There's no real trick or hidden secret to buying perfume. I know there are a few guides out there, but I always go by the scent alone. I have never bought a fragrance just because it's popular with other people.

After all, it might not smell great on me. Neither have I purchased one for the name alone. The ultimate test is simply whether or not I like how it smells.

There are a lot of amazing fragrances for women on the market, but there are many, many more that I could never wear.

Unfortunately, perfume is quite expensive these days, which definitely puts a limit on the number of bottles I buy.

are some designer perfumes costing $100 or more for just two or three ounces!

You can probably understand why I only buy luxury perfumes when they go on sale. I mainly purchase cologne, perfume,
and gift sets almost exclusively online rather than at the mall.

It is understandable, but large retailers often inflate prices considerably. Whereas, online shops have no overhead cost
and more room to offer consumers much better deals.

So while I still head to Nordstrom or Macys to test out perfumes
and get a sense of what they smell like, I almost always make the actual purchases via the Internet.

However, department stores will more than likely carry the latest perfumes before the shops online will. If there is a new
fragrance for women coming out that I just can’t wait to get, I pick it up at the local store.

There is not a one-size fits all perfume. I recommend trying out various fragrances for women on different occasions. Treat yourself to a few new scents today.