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Perfume Brands For Women

If you have been perfume shopping lately, you probably have been as overwhelmed by all of the choices as I was. Shelf after shelf of different perfume brands displayed in the ladies perfume counter making. With so many beautiful perfumes, it can be tough narrowing it down to just one.

Usually, one or two fragrances will really grab me. Since I like to change up the perfume I wear, I buy the one perfume that smells irresistible at the time.

However, I will read reviews beforehand to see if any descriptions sound like a perfume fragrance I want to try.

Some perfume brands are new and trendy, while others are long time favorites.

Often you will have to wait for the latest perfumes you read about in magazines to hit the stores. The classics, such as Chanel or Bvgulari are always available.

Just about all of the best perfumes for women come in eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and parfum or perfume. What is the difference?

It has to do with the concentrate and therefore, the price. Eau de cologne is the least concentrated while “pure” parfum has the highest concentration of oils, between 20-50% of the compound.

A higher concentration of oils also means the fragrance will last longer and you usually don’t have to apply as much. They are pricey, so look for them on sale or in perfume gift sets.

For every day, you can go with the cheaper eau de toilette and spritz it on more often. Actually, some eau de toilette and even the body lotion of some perfume brands smell better than the more expensive parfum. 

Buying a brand of perfume is really a matter of personal taste. What one person thinks is an out of this world fragrance, may stink to another.  As my son says, “you stink good!”

Here are some of the different perfume brands from the huge selection: